Thoughts on the Mage class (level 14)

I’ll admit. I never really got into playing the Mage class, but seeing as I want to make one a higher level character for teleportation purposes, I’ll go ahead and share my own viewpoints on how I feel about them.

They key word being “I”.

So here’s the first post.

Every post I make regarding posts like these, I’ll post what level I am in the title. So for now, I’m level 14.


Best Places to Farm Briarthorn as of 7.1

Briarthorn is one of the herbs that used to be a pain to get, if I remember correctly. I always used to farm it in The Barrens, and anyone that knows how The Barrens trade chat can be, knows how distracting it is to get a single thing such as this herb. Plus they were spaced out.

But times change.

Now days, this herb is much easier to obtain, though I only take one route to obtain this herb. If I do gather the herb from any other place, it’s because I’m farming another herb, such as Mageroyal.


Best Places to Farm Khorium Ore as of 7.1

Khorium Ore.

Man this takes me back to when I would get excited when I found a node. I’d spend hours on the hunt for just this one rare ore, and rare it is.

There would be so much competition back then for this ore–and half the time it wasn’t to sell to people on the AH, but to level up Engineering or Blacksmithing or even Jewelcrafting (I guess?). The race to find it, the urge to get that Adamantite/Fel Iron ore before that person who’s flying neck-and-neck with you.

Nostalgia only miners will know of.


Best Places to Farm Ghost Iron Ore as of 7.1

Ghost Iron Ore is available in every zone of Pandaria, which is great, because you can choose from multiple zones to farm from, but not all zones will offer a decent amount.

Back when I was with someone, he complained about not enough gold, or needing to get a bunch of Ghost Iron Ore for one profession or another. As almost a joke, I said I could farm it for him on his account. He was pretty gung-ho about the idea, which surprised me.

But lo and behold, he gave me his information and I went about farming on his account while he wasn’t home.

It was pretty awesome, because he was a raider and had a damn high ilvl, so killing rares was simple–unlike on my own character who had no raiding experience and a lower ilvl to go with the lack of expertise.


Best Places to Farm Kyparite as of 7.1

Kyparite is not something that I ever planned to farm up for selling purposes.

I don’t think I ever really knew what Kyparite was even used for, or if it was worth farming.

More specifically…I never farmed the zones that this ore spawns in.

So doing these farming guides is a refresher course for me. It allows me to find things I’ve not found before, and learn things about mats that I’d never knew.

What have I learned about Kyparite? There’s not too much need for it–but it does help Engineers and Blacksmiths craft items. It’s also used as currency to buy Blacksmithing plans.


Where to Catch Frost Worm as of 7.1

Frost Worm is one of the rare baits you can fish up in Highmountain.

Keep in mind that you’re only able to carry one in your bags at a time. So if you do want multiples of this bait, you’ll be needing to mail the one that you have to another character, place it in your guild bank, or toss it on the Auction House.


Best Methods to Gathering Tigerseye as of 7.1

  • Profession Required: Jewelcrafting
  • Best Serves: Blacksmithing, Engineering

You’re going to be needing Tigerseye if you plan to level Jewelcrafting itself, or other professions that benefit from the gems.


Best Places to Farm Cobalt Ore as of 7.1

Cobalt Ore–I really don’t have much of a memory with farming this back in the day.

I’m pretty sure it was more of a hassle than any of the other Northrend ore–and I didn’t have a second profession that Cobalt could help boost me in–which means I would’ve stuck with leveling Mining via Saronite Ore instead.

In any case, now days I find myself mining Cobalt Ore in Howling Fjord due to the zone’s beautiful background music, and the peaceful scenery.


Best Methods to Gathering Malachite as of 7.1

  • Profession Required: Jewelcrafting
  • Best Serves: Blacksmithing, Engineering

You’re going to be needing Malachite if you plan to level Jewelcrafting itself, or other professions that benefit from the gems.


Best Places to Farm Tin Ore as of 7.1

Tin Ore will forever, and possibly always, be mined by me via Hillsbrad Foothills.

There’s so much of it there, and there’s also a ton of rare mobs that you could run into by following my routes, or even just floundering around the zone in search of the nodes. I’m pretty sure the rare mobs drop transmog items that sell for a hefty amount–but that’s all RNG-based.

When I first started mining this ore, I stuck with the Stranglethorn zone.

I was in that zone so much, I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. Trees, trees, trees.

I needed a change of scenery.

And for some reason Hillsbrad helped with that. Maybe because it’s more of an open area.


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